Monday, March 7, 2011

Post #7

12 Laws
  1. All students shall be permitted to use their ipods during passing time or free periods.
  2. Students shall be permitted to use their cell phones during study halls and lunch periods without being disruptive.
  3. No teacher or administrator shall raise their voice at a student.
  4. All teachers must give atleast one extra credit oppurtunity per marking period to their students.
  5. No teacher shall be allowed to administer any type of assignment over the weekend or a break.
  6. Students are permitted to leave school for lunch as long as they return to school in a timely manner for their next class.
  7. No teacher shall be allowed to throw a pop quiz at any point in time.
  8. The school shall host one dance a month for students.
  9. Every Wednesday should be a half day for teacher/staff in-service.
  10. Students that are 18 or older shall be permitted to sign out at any time during the school day.
  11. Students shall be permitted to wear hats in school during the day.
  12. Seniors who have enough credits to graduate shall be permitted to fill their schedule with study halls if they choose to.

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