Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greek #2

     Sparta and Athens were two major cities in Ancient Greece.  Sparta was ruled by two kings who held office until death or until they were forced out.  Athens was ruled by archons who were voted into office annually hence why they claim to be the birthplace of democracy.  Sparta was a very millitaristic culture in which boys were raised to be soldiers and girls were taught to be wives who maintained the home.  War was a big focal point for the Spartans.  On the other hand Athens allowed their people more freedom by allowing them the chance to be in the millitary but it was not forced upon boys or men.  Athenian boys were allowed the oppurtunity to pursue getting an education.  Spartans served as a major protector of Greek lands.  They eventually went to war because they had difffering opinions on how to interact with other cultures.
     If i was alive during this time period i would have chosen to live under the Spartan rule.  Although I believe education is important during this era war was a reoccuring theme so it was important to be well trained.  Growing up in Sparta would have taught me to be a good warrior and how to protect myself in the face of danger.  Also i do not think it is neccesary to be in control of all other cultures around me so i would be fine with the Spartan philosophy of keeping to myself and helping when needed.

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